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Oleoresins are generally heavier in consistency as compared with essential oils or other oils. Majorly the oleoresins are used for aroma and food flavouring purpose because of their medicinal properties to make products more tastier and healthier. The name oleoresin itself becomes self exoplanetary that there are resins available in the oils which also leads to make It a heavier oil. We have two variety of Oleoresins CO2 based & solvent extracted and filtered with authentic style only. We offer all variety of Oleoresin

The Oleoresin offered by us are idol for the usage of Food Flavouring, Aroma and pharmaceutical, Ayurveda & cooking purpose and many others.

Most of the time customers choose to opt the spice oleoresin and most commonly Capsicum Oleoresin and Paprika oleoresin. Our team make sure to always be available with the stock of these oleoresin to maintain the timely supply.

Capsicum Oleoresin

Cardamom Oleoresin

Cinnamon Oleoresin

Cumin Oleoresin

Ginger Oleoresin

Nutmeg Oleoresin

Paprika Oleoresin

Bayleaf Oleoresin